The Iron King

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa First of all, I wasn't sure I would care for this book at all. I've read so many fairy books that I was afraid it would all just be old hat. I was so wrong. I love the old folk tales about the fey as well as traditional fairy tales and modern retellings. I also love it when someone takes these tales and does something new with them. I had a reaction to The Iron King similar to the reaction I had to Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: A Midsummer Night's Dream. Both of these stories were able to bring new life to old tales.

I loved the idea for the Iron Fey - grown out of the imagination of men who created the technology we so love and crave in our modern world. There is a steam punk quality to some of the creatures. My favorite iron fey creatures were the pack rats – little gnome-like creatures gathering “treasure” they find in the piles of junk and carrying it in packs on their backs. The concept of the Iron Fey is an interesting idea and although in this book it is shown to be mostly dark and menacing, it might be nice to see if there is any positive to it. Positive or negative, I think this is an idea worth exploring.

I loved Puck -- who doesn't?? I was not quite so sold on the Ash/Meghan pairing, however. I will withhold judgment on that relationship until after I have read the next book, The Iron Daughter.